BC “University-Yugra” (Surgut) held on April 22 and 23 on the home-field the first two games
with the BC “Irkut” (Irkutsk) in the finals of the play-offs Super League 1:
BC “University-Yugra” (Surgut) 75-63 BC “Irkut” (Irkutsk);
BC “University-Yugra” (Surgut) 81-72 BC “Irkut” (Irkutsk).

The most effective player on the both games was the Captain of the "Students" Nikola Lepojevic (21 points in the first game and 26 points in the second one).


Super League - First Division. 1/2 finals. Sports Complex "Olympian" (Vladivostok).
The games started at 19:00 (12:00 Moscow time). Match third and fourth:
BC "Spartak-Primorye" (Vladivostok) 76:83 BC "University-Yugra" (Surgut);
BC “Spartak-Primorye” (Vladivostok) 67:82 BC “University-Yugra” (Surgut).

Thus, the account in the series became 1: 3, in favor of the guests from Surgut. "University-Yugra" will compete for gold medals, "Spartak-Primorye" - for "bronze". Opponent’s teams in the final stages will be known at the end of the semifinal games in the pair "Novosibirsk" - "Irkut". 

The Captain Nikola Lepojevic scored 10 points in the third game and 22 points in the fourth.


On the home field in Surgut (on April 8 and 9) there were two matches of the semifinal series of the Russian Super League 1.

In the first match, the "students" won, in the second - the guests from Vladivostok get a revanche:
BC "University-Yugra" (Surgut) 83:75 BC "Spartak-Primorye" (Vladivostok);
BC "University-Yugra" (Surgut) 91: 101 BC “Spartak -Primorye” (Vladivostok).

The Captain Nikola Lepojevic orchestrated the victory of "students" in the first game, by scoring 29 points.
In the second game, he scored 27 points.


The city of Revda, on March 29/30, 2017. Russian Super League 1.

The quarterfinal of the playoff, the third and fourth game:
BC “Temp-SUMZ-UGMK” (Revda) 60:66 BC “University-Ugra” (Surgut);
BC “Temp-SUMZ-UGMK” (Revda) 73:81 BC “University-Ugra” (Surgut).

Our players are THE BEST in SUPER-LEAGUE 1!!

Captain Nikola Lepojevic (The "King of Snipers" - he scored 11 points in first game and 32 points in second one!!) and Alexander Savenkov (The "King of rebounds") - the TWO REAL LEGENDS of SUPER-LEAGUE 1!!!